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Pixelmon Download Tutorial - Complex Pixelmon


In order to install Pixelmon you must have the following things downloaded. Click the buttons below for download links!
  • Java x64 (Choose “Windows Offline 64-Bit” for Windows / “Mac OS X” for MacOS)​
  • Technic Launcher

Downloading Technic Launcher

When clicking the above Technic Launcher link or going to you’ll be met with a download page to Technic Launcher. Select your OS (Operating System – Whether it be Windows, Mac OS or Linux) and continue with the download.

Installing Technic Launcher

Once you have it installed, continue by opening the download(technic launcher program), you’ll be met with this screen. It is RECOMMENDED you do not mess with these settings unless you absolutely know what you’re doing. Once met with the screen, just click the “Install” button and let the Installer do the rest.

Logging into Technic Launcher

Once installation is complete, you’ll be met with a login screen. This is where you’ll log in to your Minecraft: Java Edition account.

Pixelmon Modpack Installation

Once logged in, you’ll be met with the following screen (if you were able to complete the steps properly) To continue installing Pixelmon go to the Modpacks tab and type Complex Pixelmon or copy paste into the search bar.

Configuring Technic Launcher

There’s a few more things left to do, Pixelmon is a rather resource-heavy mod so you’ll have to tweak some settings in Technic Launcher to keep Pixelmon from slowing down and crashing your game. You will see a installation button on the bottom right of the launcher after doing this.
Towards the top-right of technic launcher you’ll see a button called “Launcher Options”.

Allocating Memory (Ram) - Prevents FPS Issues

Once you see this, go to the Java Settings tab. You should be met with this: We need to configure the Memory Option.
To allocate more Memory, select “Memory” and change the 1 GB to 3-4 GB (this is plenty for Pixelmon).

Start the Game (Pixelmon)

After installation and proper configuration of the launcher, you will be met with this screen. Click play in the bottom right corner and enjoy your new Pixelmon Experience. If you still need installation assistance you can join our 24/7 support discord @

Alternative Video Guide

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